Inspecting The Inside Of Parts With A Borescope Camera

When you just can not see inside a part or assembly that you need to, the borescope can be the solution you need. While they are not right in every situation, borescope cameras are a great tool to have in the arsenal if you routinely need to look at conditions inside something that you only have a very small access point to. The camera uses fiber optics for both visual and light to m make it easier to see in those tight spaces that light might not even penetrate. Here are a few uses for these specialty cameras that you might never have considered.

Types of Borescopes

Borescope cameras come in several styles. The most accurate is a straight, rigid configuration that allows the user a clear and unobstructed view through the camera. The downside is that if you have limited access, you may not be able to get a straight shot on the item you are trying to look at. A flexible borescope can make seeing around the bends and corners easier. They can be bent many different ways and still allow you to see that is at the end of the camera. If you need to document what you are looking at, a video borescope will help you do that as well. These scopes have a video screen instead of the eyepiece and often have the ability to record the image for access later.

Engine Inspection

Borescopes are a great diagnostic tool and have made it easier for mechanics to take a good look inside places they normally can't see. There was a time when the only way to inspect the internal workings of an engine was to tear it down piece by piece to inspect it. With the borescope, a technician can now see inside the engine to check for damage. This can save a lot of time and money and alert the technician to a problem when has just started or before it can cause a catastrophic failure. In some industries, this can literally be a lifesaver. An aircraft engine failure can cause the plane to crash or make an emergency landing that could result in injuries or worse, death.

Other Uses

Borescopes can be used to look inside pipes, around tight areas, and even behind things that can not be easily moved for a better view. As the technology grows and improves, borescopes are finding a home in more and more places. From the airline industry to racing, and even in a plumbers tool kit. If you think a borescope could be a helpful tool in your toolbox, take a look at what is being offered and select the one that best fits your needs.

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