Pros And Cons Of Installing A Home Theater System In Your Living Room Vs. Other Options

A home theater system is something the whole family can enjoy. The problem is, do you install it in your living room, or do you dedicate another room of the house to it? Here are the pros and cons of installing a home theater system in your living room versus another room of your house.

A Home Theater System Consumes the Activity in the Room in Which It Is Installed

A home theater system takes up a wall and lots of other areas of the room where the speakers are set. If people are trying to do something other than watch a movie or TV, while others are trying to watch something, the TV and surround sound will take over the other activities going on in the room. Those that are not watching the TV are often forced to move to another room or quit what they are doing to watch the TV. If you want your living room to be more about family time, you may want to put the home theater system in a separate room.

A Room Dedicated Solely to Audio Visual Entertainment Allows You to Shut the Door and Walk Away

If your boyfriend or husband wants to get together with a bunch of rowdy guys to watch a ballgame, and you do not want to hear it all, putting the theater system in a separate room is a good idea. You can let the guys go into the home theater room, close the door, an let them have their fun without having to hear or see much of it. When your kids have friends over after school and they want to play video games or watch cartoons, they can go into the home theater room, and your living room stays nice and tidy. The living room also remains a quiet place where you can relax with friends rather than have your audio visual entertainment system does not dominate the space.

On the Flip Side, Your Living Room Can Be the Primary Party Place

If you do not have a large kitchen or an outdoor space in which to entertain your guests during a party, then maybe the home theater system should go in the living room anyway. There are ways to disguise an entire theater system so that it does not dominate the room, just as there are ways to make it the main focus of the room. If you party a lot and entertain guests frequently, there are only so many comfortable places you can do this in your house, the living room being one of them.

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