Here's What Should Be Included in the Sound System You Buy for Your New Nightclub

No nightclub is complete without a high-quality sound system in place. Here is what should be included in any nightclub sound system you choose:

Ceiling Speakers

Surround sound is essential for your nightclub in order to generate the sounds and vibrations customers will expect while they dance and hang out. If your music isn't loud enough to make people speak loud when talking to one another, it's not loud enough. People go to nightclubs to feel the music as much as hear it, so make sure that the nightclub sound system you choose to invest in features multiple ceiling speakers in addition to floor and wall speakers.

Ceiling mounted speakers will not only enhance the overall sound of your nightclub's system, but it will also allow you to project the music in areas where wall and floor speakers can't go, like on covered decks that are connected to your nightclub. Ceiling mounted speakers will also free up some space on the walls and floor for things like lighting and decor.

A Video Center

The sound system you choose for your new nightclub should also come with a video center—or at least be compatible with one. A video center will allow you to feature music videos that correspond to the songs your nightclub plays, which will add depth to the music. You can also use the video center to show different angles of your sound stage when live bands are playing. People can also enjoy watching things like surfing, football, and other sports in the video center.

You should be able to connect your video center up to multiple televisions or projection screens throughout your nightclub. Each screen should be able to play the same video at the same time or show different videos simultaneously depending on what's happening at your club and the kind of experience you want to provide to your guests.

Lighting Effects

Another feature to look for when buying a sound system for your new nightclub is lighting effects. Your system should be able to display various colored lights that pulse and vibrate in rhythm to the songs as they play in the nightclub.

Not only should the system you buy come with lights to mount on your walls and ceilings, but you should also be able to hook your own lights up to the system too. Choose a new sound system that allows you to connect regular, string, and concert lights up to it so you can customize the way the lights interact with the music as it's played throughout the night.

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