How To Maximize Your Music Recording Studio Time

Time is money, and there's no place where that's truer than in a music recording studio. If you want to make the most of your recording studio time, follow these 5 recommendations.

Prepare the Song List

Broadly speaking, your goal is to address as much decision-making as possible before you step into the studio. If you're paying a business for studio time, you don't want to be figuring out basic things like what the song list is going to be.

Build a checklist of what you need to record. Put the must-have songs at the top, and rank the remaining list in reverse order based on your ability to execute the songs. Don't spend effort on an experimental song that needs a lot of work unless you've completed other work early and have time to fiddle around.

Hire Professional Instrumentalists

If you don't have someone in your group to handle a certain instrument, hire the best-quality professional you can afford. No matter how amazing the music recording studio might be, it's not a substitute for poor inputs. Suppose a rock band wants to have a violinist in to record a track. The band can't afford to trust a distinct song on the album to anyone but the best possible performer. Spend the money upfront so you'll save money in post-production.

Familiarize Yourself with the Studio Layout

Ask the recording studio manager to let you visit the location during a slow period or when a more tolerant performer is present. Get to know the space. Think about where instruments, stands, and other equipment need to go.

If possible, try to bring a few friends or go when many people are there. You need to know what the space will be like when everything is in motion.

Empower Someone to Manage the Time

Music flows, and that's one of its joys. However, as the music flows, time will fly by. Someone needs to be able to monitor the time for each recording. Likewise, you need to empower them. They should be assured that when they say it's time to wrap up a track that your group will be professionals and finish the recording then and there.

Square Your Instruments Away

It's free to tune your instruments before you come into the recording studio. Once the meter starts running, though, it's just a bad idea. Try to have your instruments as well-tuned as possible so you only have to make minor adjustments in the studio.

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